LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (21109)

If you weren’t able to buy the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit (21109) on Shop@Home, you’ll be glad to know that Amazon has it available for $34.95. It does, however, require an additional 1-2 days to process but at least you’ll be able to purchase it and it is eligible for Amazon Prime.

On the same note, The Brothers Brick has reported that the Exo Suit is not on a limited run. Andrew had a conference call with the people at LEGO in Enfield and Billund and was reassured that the single production run rumor is false so there you have it. There will be more sets coming out in the future but that may take a little while longer. In the meantime, click on that Amazon link up top to get the set from Amazon. You’ll be helping our site as well as getting the set for yourself so it’s a win-win.

Update: And just like that, the offer is over. We’ll keep you updated if it’s available again.

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