LEGO has just announced the latest LEGO Ideas projects to become official sets. There were six projects qualified for the review and after very long consideration, the LEGO Bird Project by DeTomaso will become LEGO Ideas #009.

But wait, that’s not it! The Big Bang Theory by Alatariel and GlenBricker based on the hit TV series will also become LEGO Ideas set #010. Ellen Kooijman, aka Alatariel, also becomes the first person to have two LEGO Ideas projects become official sets with the first one being the wildly popular Research Institute (21110)icon.

LEGO is still working on the details for the final product design, pricing, and availability are still being worked out. They are still evaluating the two Doctor Who projects so there’s still may be a chance that one of the two may become an official LEGO set as well.

The second 2014 LEGO Review stage is already underway and those result should be coming in late January 2015.

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