LEGO Ideas

The first LEGO Review deadline for the new LEGO Ideas, formerly CUUSOO, has passed and the team has announced the qualifying projects for the Review Stage. The projects that qualify are: the LEGO Bird Project, the Modular Apple Store, the BTTF – Jules Verne Train, The Big Bang Theory, and Doctor Who and Companions. As you can see, we have a variety of projects that are worthy to become an official set so we have to wait and see which ones LEGO chooses to become one.

The LEGO Ideas team also announced that the results for the Winter 2014 Review Stage will be coming in the next few weeks which includes the Macross VF-1 Valkyrie, Sherlock, Legend of Zelda Iron Knuckle Encounter, Japanese Old Style Architecture, The Adventure Time Project, and the BTTF – UCS DeLorean Time Machine.

The second 2014 LEGO Review Deadline is September 1st and there are a number of projects that could potentally qualify for it. Check out those projects here.

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