The Indominus Rex project by senteosan is the latest project to get 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. The project features the antagonist in the new Jurassic World movie as a fairly large display piece which contains around 700 bricks.

Although the dinosaur is a great model and a set I would like to have, I have some reservations of this project becoming an official set because of the LEGO Jurassic World license. If it was a generic dinosaur, it might have had a better chance to pass but since the description describes it as the one from the movie, I doubt that it will make it through but we’ll see in a few months.

The Indominus Rex now joins Brick-Built Adventure Time Figures, Caterham Super Seven, the Modular Library, Lothlorien, LEGO Physics, Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Hobbit-Rivendell as the the projects that are eligible to be reviewed for a chance to be an official LEGO set.

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