LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) Available on [email protected] Again

If you’ve been waiting for it to become online again, the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) is now available for purchase on [email protected] I’m not sure how much inventory they have but as of this writing, they can be added to cart and purchased.

Thanks to Eric for the heads up.

  • HUN_Sector

    Nope, its still out of stock

    • HJ

      In Europe the amount of backorders was much higher than in the US. I don’t expect to see the Saturn V set back in stock in Europe before September/October.

      • HUN_Sector

        I am afraid that the second wave will only come in 2018

    • myscrnnm

      Why wouldn’t you want them to decrease it? High numbers mean scalpers and resellers can buy more. They should really limit it to one during this period so more people can get it.

      • PeteH

        Some people really might want two, or more. People with more than one child, as well as for themselves. I bought two, my eldest doesn’t want one. Yet.

  • US Longtorso

    Gone again. (US)

  • Gomek

    Last time I was on Lego ideas, I seem to remember them not allowing supporters beyond 10,000. I wonder if changing that would allow them a better gauge on how popular something is.

    Also I’m sure pre-orders can be a messy thing, but this would also be a possible solve if they are having a problem determining manufacturing numbers.

  • Rob

    It’s $20 more but Toys R Us (USA) has it on their website with Free Shipping. Limit 5.