LEGO Ideas Third 2017 Review Stage Underway

Earlier today, LEGO gave a teaser of the upcoming LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313). At the same time, the Third 2017 LEGO Ideas Review Stage is underway and there were seven projects that qualified and have a chance to become a future LEGO Ideas set. These projects include:

Pop-Up Book by JKBrickworks & Grant_Davis_
Boat House Diner by RobenAnne
The Lighthouse by RobenAnne
Jaguar E-Type Roadster by Ozzyeatingbats
The Dive Shop by RobenAnne
RuPaul’s Brick Race by SeeMarkGeek
The LEGO Christmas Story House by twrt0es

What’s interesting about this Review Stage is that RobenAnne has three projects that qualified which has never happened before. Which project are you looking forward to becoming an official LEGO Ideas set? Let us know in the comments below.

  • bwap

    Come onnnn, Pop-Up Book!

  • Norse Highlander

    Why can’t we just have them all?

  • RockmanNeo

    I want the pop up book but knowing it’s [the current year], it most likely will be RuPaul’s.

  • Ryan Meek

    The only ones I would buy are the ones by RobenAnne. That being said, I don’t see Lego repeating a creator

    • myscrnnm

      They did it with Alatariel (Research Institute and Big Bang Theory). But personally, I would not want to see another of RobenAnne’s creations chosen this round. And that’s not because I don’t like them; on the contrary I love them. But Ideas is a very small theme and I think a submission based on a different theme would be more suitable.

      I would love to see the rest of the seaside submissions be made into sets perhaps in a different theme or a spinoff.

    • Joshua Thompson

      Hmm sadly same here. I loved the store, I would think of us who bought it would definately buy another set to go with it.

  • Francesco Gavardi

    Pop-Up Book is the only one that has any chance to win. Maaaybe the car but it doesn’t seem creative/original enough.

  • Seb

    LEGO should offer RobenAnne a job as designer and create a full range of seaside sets within Creator Expert.

  • Graham Corcoran

    wouldn’t buy any of these

  • jmcfarlane19

    Pop-up book for sure.

  • jmcfarlane19

    On second thought, the Christmas Story house is pretty cool as long as it comes with the leg lampshade!

  • JR

    Say what you want to say about me, call me whatever you want to call me, but if RuPaul’s Brick Race becomes an actual set, I will lose a huge amount of respect for LEGO.