The LEGO Legends of Chima animated TV show is back for season 2 on Cartoon Network this week. One big change is that the show has been moved to Saturday mornings. Below are the names of the episodes courtesy of Toonzone.

At the end of last season, the Dark Tribes were revealed as the ones who has trapped all the Legend Beasts and King Crominus as well as the ones who blocked the Chi falls. Cragger turns good again ands joins the main tribe warriors to the Outlands to save Chima. We can expect to see the new Spider and Scorpion tribes during this season.

Sat Mar 15 – 9:30am – 201 – Into the Outlands
Sat Mar 22 – 9:30am – 202 – A Tangled Web
Sat Mar 29 – 9:30am – 203 – The Legend Thief
Sat Apr 05 – 9:30am – 204 – The Eagle and the Bear

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