LEGO Lester (40308) Polybag Available at Leicester Square

LEGO Lester (40308)

If you remember from last year at the opening of the Leicester Square flagship LEGO Brand Store, there was an exclusive Lester minifigure that was given away that was limited to 275. Well it appears that Lester may not be that limited after all. There’s a new Lester (40308) polybag that can now be purchased at Leicester Square for £5.99 each. This is great for fans who weren’t able one via the scratch card raffle when the store opened but is somewhat of a burn for those who got the original one. This particular Lester minifigure also has a black umbrella which the original one didn’t have so technically the new one is exclusive as well. Is there anyone in London who is able to send me a couple?

LEGO Lester (40308)

**Via Reddit**

  • Dylan Farrow

    Sure can!

    • Michelle Woroniuk

      Interested in one as well if you are willing to ship!

    • leggot

      Same, would love one!

    • Matthew Seago

      I’m also interested if you’re willing to ship!

    • Alan Rappaport

      I’d be happy to trade you a “I love New York” minifig from the Rockefeller Center store for one of these 🙂

  • leggot

    Fact 1: Lego makes plastic bricks and minifigs, Fact 2: TLG watches the secondary market for marketing data, when they see a bubble in value, they can easily pop it, ie UCS MF mkII 😉

  • Julian Peacock

    they’re limiting purchases to 3 per household.

    • Gomek

      Those rules are always a little lossey goosey as I always see people get on line two and three times.

  • Gomek

    Very happy these are now available. I do feel for the people who spent $1500 USD on one of these. I wish more people would complain about the artificial rarity practices. There’s no need for it.

  • Cheryl

    It’s not scalpers they’re hurting, it’s the people who paid the scalpers.