As we get closer to the release of the LEGO Lord of the Ringsicon video game, you might be wondering what the game is like. Over on the LEGO Lord of the Rings video game minisite, you can now download a free pre-release demo level of the game for the PC. The game will work on Windows 7, XP, and Vista but not for the Mac. Below is a walkthrough of the gameplay.


The demo takes place at the end of The Two Towers with a cutscene where the characters arrive at Helm’s Deep and prepare for battle. After the cutscene, you get to play as Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli to solve a puzzle to get to the top of the castle walls. Then another cutscene starts where a Rohan archer accidentally shoots and kills an Uruk-hai and the battle begins. Again, you control the characters and you have to destroy the ladders that are perched against the wall. There are three rounds of this. Shortly, another cutscene starts with a berserker runs towards the wall where explosives are set while Legolas and Gilmi fail to stop him. The wall explodes and you gain control of the characters again to retreat into the keep. A short cutscene again you have to hold off the Uruk-hai and repair the door. After that, you control Legolas to take down some more ladders. There’s also a small puzzle where you push a box down to Aragorn and Gimli to create a perch to climb up a rope to the top. After you reach the top, there’s a cutscene where the Uruk-hai breach the keep and and everyone retreats inside. Theoden and Aragorn ride down the castle where you can control the characters a little bit to destroy stuff for coins. When you get to the bottom, a cutscene of Gandalf the White arrives on Shadowfax along with Eomer and his army join the fight and gain victory while the Uruk-hai army retreats.

Overall my first impression of the LEGO Lord of the Rings video game is very nice game from what I’ve played. The graphics of the gameplay as well as the cutscenes were really amazing. There were some funny scenes that TT Games included for a little change of pace from the action. The only negative about the game is that the controls are a little bit wonky on the PC. I would suggest downloading it and giving it a try.

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