I got two!

There are some new details regarding the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rocket Raccoon polybag (5002145). Flickr user by the name of ryffranck029 went to his local Toys R Us and has managed to get a couple with his purchase. It was stated that the polybag is FREE with every purchase of $30 or more. It was also noted that the promotion would start on November 2nd and there were about 50 per store. This is for Canadian Toys R Us at the moment but hopefully the US would get the same promo as well. Stay tuned for more details if the Rocket Raccoon polybag (5002145) shows up here in the States.

Update: On a comment from Google+, the new TRU Canada flyer shows that the promo starts tomorrow. Also for us here in the US, Bryan in the comments note that Toys R Us stores will be carrying it in the near future.

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