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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rocket Raccoon (5002145) Toys R Us Ad

LEGO Rocket Raccoon Toys R Us

It looks like we finally got our answer on the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rocket Raccoon (5002145) polybag that’s been eluding many people for the past couple of weeks. Toys R Us has updated their weekly ad and it is with a promotion that is running from November 21-22. It will be free with any LEGO purchase of $30 or more. This is the same offer that Canada had last month. Hopefully, you can still buy the Rocket Raccoon as a stand-alone polybag as many people have been doing for a while now.


More Details of Toys R Us Exclusive Polybags…Sigh

There’s more news from The Brick Show regarding some Toys R Us exclusive polybags. The first is the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rocket Raccoon (5002145) polybag and they note that it will now be a gift with purchase item during Black Friday. This contradicts a previous post in which it was stated they would be available as a stand-alone polybag on November 16 for $4.99 each. It’s hard to grasp which way Toys R Us will making it available because news keeps changing every couple of weeks. And yes, we already know that Canada already had this promotion with purchases of $30 or more.

The second polybag is the LEGO Ninjago Dareth (5002144). Jason has stated that this could also be a gift with purchase promotion for spending a certain amount of money. Before, this one was only available in the UK.

Personally, I haven’t seen or heard promotions for these two polybags and I work at Toys R Us. Plus, TRU doesn’t really advertise their promos very well so it’s kind of hard to get a definite answer on these polybags. Let us know in the comments if you were able to get them here in the US and how you were able to obtain them minus the secondary markets (BrickLink, eBay).

Update 11/16: There have been many reports coming in that the Rocket Raccoon polybag is available for sale today at TRU.


More Details About LEGO Marvel GotG Rocket Raccoon (5002145) Polybag

There are some new details regarding the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon (5002145) polybag via Mr. Elijah Timms on Eurobricks. The polybag is a Toys R Us exclusive and he mentions that they won’t be available until November 16th and will be sold for $4.99 each. Before it was speculated that it would go with the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-Ray.

Most likely the shipping box that it came in probably said “Hold until November 16” with the value being at $4.99 each and the employees didn’t know what promo it was with. I’ll try to get more details later this week to see if the Rocket Raccoon will be sold as a stand-alone polybag or packaged with a future promotion.

Update: Jason from The Brick Show has confirmed that the Rocket Raccoon will be a stand-alone polybag at $4.99 each but they won’t be available for purchase until the “strict” 11/16 street date. Below is a picture of the bin they were in while the LEGO rep was putting them out.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rocket Raccoon Polybag (5002145) at Toys R Us Canada

I got two!

There are some new details regarding the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rocket Raccoon polybag (5002145). Flickr user by the name of ryffranck029 went to his local Toys R Us and has managed to get a couple with his purchase. It was stated that the polybag is FREE with every purchase of $30 or more. It was also noted that the promotion would start on November 2nd and there were about 50 per store. This is for Canadian Toys R Us at the moment but hopefully the US would get the same promo as well. Stay tuned for more details if the Rocket Raccoon polybag (5002145) shows up here in the States.

Update: On a comment from Google+, the new TRU Canada flyer shows that the promo starts tomorrow. Also for us here in the US, Bryan in the comments note that Toys R Us stores will be carrying it in the near future.


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