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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano (30449) Polybag Review


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano (30449)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has hit theaters here in the US and to commemorate the movie, LEGO has produced a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes polybag for it with The Milano (30449). This polybag consists of 64 pieces and according to the May 2017 Store Calendar, you can get it for free with purchases of $35 or more from May 8-21, while supplies last.

This is the third version of the ship with The Milano Spaceship Rescue (76021) from the first movie and the latest one being in The Milano vs. The Abilsk (76081).


The build is straight-forward and it utilizes some fairly rare parts that are included with the set. The rarest one is the trans-white 2×2 sloped piece used for the windshield. Next is the newer 2×3 shield tile piece. Finally there’s the Beam 1M with three Balls Ø5,9 which was mostly used for the Nexo Knights Battle Suits.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano (30449)

The design is pretty spot-on to the larger version of the ship. The front has the unique V-shaped nose while the six wings use the aforementioned Beam 1M piece. If you look closely at the front of one side of the ship, there’s a medium azure stud piece to give some detailing.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano (30449)

The thrusters on the back are on Technic pins so they can be angled straight back or downwards.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano (30449)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano (30449)


Overall, the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano (30449) polybag is a very nice set especially at a miniature scale. If you’re a fan of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets, you should try to get your hands on this polybag as it is one of the cooler looking ones for 2017.

Thank you to LEGO for sending in an early copy for review.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Milano (30449)

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