LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor: Ragnarok Box Art Images

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084)

Brickset has published the first box art images of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor: Ragnarok sets. The boxes confirm the minifigures that I reported on last night for those who didn’t think it was reliable information.

The Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084) – 49.99€
Berserker x2
Bruce Banner

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor vs Hulk Arena Crash (76088)

Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash (76088) – 59.99€
Sakaarian Guard

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guyon van Oers

    looks like hela is related to lord business;)

    • Rob

      I thought the same thing. LOL. Is it Taco Tuesday??

    • John McLaughlin

      Came here to say the same thing!

  • Santo

    What’s going on with Thor’s left arm in that first image? Are we getting Thor with a robot arm like he has in the comics?

    • Nope, Thor will still have his strength but not his hammer.

  • Rob

    Going to have to get 2 of the arena to build the full arena. Both sets look good.

    • Scarilian

      You get slightly less than a half of the arena, so you’d need to buy three to make the full circular arena.

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      Buy one, then get 2 off bricklink that are used with no minifigs for cheaper.

  • lorbaat

    Sometimes licensed movie minifigs really look a lot like their famous actor models. I was hoping for more from a Jeff Goldblum minifig.

    • John McLaughlin

      They were too busy wondering if they could, they never stopped to think if they should!

  • David4

    Glad to see that Star Wars isn’t the only theme with overpriced doors for sets!

    • The Anonymous Hutt


  • Chauvin Z.

    That Hulk though in the arena set! So good!

  • jermain burnett

    Those Lego marvel super heroes set of 2017 are cool.