LEGO Marvel UCS Super Heroes UCS Helicarrier?

Earlier today, we revealed the official images for the LEGO Creator Detective’s Office (10246) and there was something interesting in the designer video. Last month, we exclusively reported that there could be a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes UCS Avengers Helicarrier coming in 2015. In the new video, inside the letter G, it looks like Marcos Bessa is doing a designer video for the set. In the image, you can kind of see the Avengers Helicarrier and a small Quinjet right above the landing platform. It looks like LEGO is giving out clues that the set will be coming next year.

Thanks to everyone who emailed in about it and the keen eyes in the Brickset Forum who saw it.

Update: Rüsseltier over on Brickset gave some more details of the UCS Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. They note that the set will be available sooner than we first thought. Before, we first reported that it could be a Summer 2015 set but apparently it will be available on March 1st with set number 76042 and retail for $349.99. Great news for LEGO fans but sad news for our wallets.

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