LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game DLC from Gamestop

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Gamestop DLC

Last week, we reported there was some downloadable content that would be coming to the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game. I’m not sure when this was added but there is an image from EB Games, aka Gamestop, of the details of that DLC. Gamestop has bumped up their bonuses when you pre-order the game from them. For GameStop PowerUp Rewards members in addition to the Spider-Man keychain (bleh), you can get download code to get the following items:

Hawkeye Classic costume
Symbiote Spider-Man
Dark Phoenix
A-Bomb (Rick Jones) – Another bigfig?
Beta Ray Bill
Spider Buggy
Hawkeye Sky Cycle
10 additional races – 5 per vehicle

The DLC is only available for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. We’re not sure if this DLC will be available to be purchased separately from the Playstation Store or on Xbox Live. If the DLC isn’t your cup of tea, There is still time to pre-order the game from Walmart and you can get the Iron Patriot minifigure polybag. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is set to be released in just a little bit over a month.

  • Steven Simmons

    Checked with someone I know who is a Gamestop store manager. He confirmed that, as of right now, this is only for the consoles mentioned above and not on PS4 and Xbox One. I definitely wanted to wait for the PS4 version, just so I had another title to play on there, but I might just get it on PS3 anyway.

    • Thanks for the confirmation! Hopefully, we get to digitally upgrade the PS3 version to the PS4 when it’s available.

  • Taj

    question: are there going to be DLC, for this game; to purcase on the PSN? (how long till it arrives?) and, apparently; if i bought this game in america or europe, i would get a free DLC through my pre-order?

    • Taj

      i got my free spider-man lego, dude….

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