LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Poster

After the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game , Arthur Parsons took to Twitter to do a short questions and answers session. There are some new details that haven’t been revealed before until the Q&As.

Q: In light of my beautiful hair in Thor The Dark World, will I remove my helmet during the game?

A: No, unfortunately Loki will not take his helmet off.

Q: Can iron man pop in and out of his suits at any time, like other transformations?

A: No, Tony Stark and his suits are an integral part of the story.

Q: Coop or Online?

A: It’s co-op, offline. It’s the best way to experience the game.

Q: Is Blade in the game?

A: Who knows?

Q: Will all the heroes have alternate suits?

A: No, we focused on unique characters instead of variants.

Q: I gotta admit not even I saw Aunt May being a playable character. What made you decide to put her in there?

A: Can’t have Peter Parker without Aunt May. She keeps him in check.

Q: Is every single character voiced?

A: Yes, if the character has a voice. Some don’t… i.e. Howard quacks.

Q: Can you give a list of all the playable characters? If not can you give a brief list? 🙂

A: Can they all fit in 140 characters?

Q: Who is your favorite character to play as?

A: Mr. Fantastic. Who wouldn’t want to play as a teapot?

Q: Likelihood of next gen version coming to UK shores before Christmas?

A: Yes, it’s a launch title!

Q: Is Howard The Duck playable in the story mode or just in the bonus levels?

A: Howard has his own free play level and quests in the city.

Q: Will there be any bonus co-op features when playing as characters from the same team?

A: There are some… but you’ll have to find out yourself. 😉

Q: Will Peter Parker Be in the game?

A: Yes, he’ll have his own special missions in the city.

Q: Will Beast be a part of the main story?

A: Yes, he turns up in the X-Mansion level.

Q: Will there be a villain you ally up with in story mode?

A: Keep an eye out on the trailer coming soon.

Q: Can you go into the stark tower in the open world hub?

A: Yes, more than once.

Q: Where will I be able to buy the PC DLC will it be Steam or elsewhere?

A: Steam

Q: Will the DLC packs be made available on next-gen versions?

A: Yes, at launch.

Q: Is the pre-order bonuses (announced today)!going to be on UK version of game as well?

A: Yes, there are pre-order incentives are available in the UK.

Q: What are the chances of Galactus being playable? Would it be possible for him to be playable?

A: Yes. 🙂

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