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LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Game Demo Available on PS4

The demo for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game is now available for download for the PlayStation 4. The stage is called “Niima Outpost” and it lets you play though the stage on Jakku where Finn meets up with Rey and BB-8. It looks like it’s only available for the PS4 at this time.

Engage in Blaster Battles with Stormtroopers, use Multi-Builds to race through Niima Outpost, and dogfight with TIE Fighters through derelict Imperial Star Destroyers in the Millennium Falcon before escaping Jakku!

The official E3 2016 trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens was shown at the Sony conference and you can watch it below.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game PC Demo Review and Full Gameplay

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Poster

Today, the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game PC demo became available for the public. I spent some time playing it and also doing a recording of the gameplay. My laptop isn’t specced for gaming so there might be a little lag in the video. The controls I used were the default ones.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Demo Silver Surfer

The beginning cutscene “shows” unknown being eating the LEGO, Marvel, WB Games, and the Telltale logos after they blown up. After he finishes eating, he tells the Silver Surfer to find him something else to eat. The game starts off with the Sandman and the Abomination taking over Sand Station Central and wanting the Cosmic Bricks. Iron Man comes into the action along with the Hulk. Throughout the demo, you can the hear some voiceovers from Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson. Initally, you take control of the Hulk and Iron Man. You can switch between the two by pressing (U). Each character has an Action/Attack (H), Jump (J), and a Special Move (K). The Hulk’s moves are pretty simple. He just smashes stuff and even yells the phrase when you do a jump attack. You can even do the move he did to Loki in the Avengers movie where he flings him around. I must say that it is pretty spot on. You can do that move by getting close to an enemy and pressing Action/Attack (H). There’s also a cool animation where he punts the minion away. By pressing his Special (K), he can pick up things and toss them by subsequently … Continue

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes PC Demo Now Available

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Poster

It was announced at the 2013 NYCC that there would be a demo coming for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game coming out on the PC this week and it looks like that time is today. Head over to LEGO’s video game section to download the 600 MB file. We’ll have a review later and hopefully a video review as well.


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