The LEGO Minecraft theme will be continuing in 2016 with a few more of the minifigure-scale sets. CM4Sci on Eurobricks has posted the names of four sets that will be coming out next year. I don’t play Minecraft anymore but doing some research, the sets do sound interesting. Like with the current wave, there will be a few different biomes that will be played out in the new Minecraft sets.

The Iron Golem (21123)
The End Portal (21124)
The Jungle Tree House (21125)
The Wither (21126)

The Iron Golem set, you’ll probably be getting a few minifigures since the Iron Golem defends villages of at least 10 villagers. Obviously LEGO won’t be putting that many in a what I expect to be a smaller set but I think there will be a few.

The End Portal will probably contain a lot of gray parts with some green portals.

I think The Jungle Tree House is exactly what it sounds like. There will be some sort of house in a jungle setting so expect to see lots of trees and such.

Finally, The Wither is a floating, three-headed boss. It is created with soul sand in a T-shape and you put wither skeleton skulls at the top so I think there will be some wither skeleton minifigures in the set.

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