The past few days, there have be some news coming out of Eurobricks regarding the 2016 LEGO Marvel and DC Comics Super Heroes sets and it looks like there’s a lot to look forward to. In the Winter wave, there are some details for the new Racers sets which will be out in January. Sir Gareth has gathered a list of details from CM4Sci, Hulk_Smash, and Just2Good.

Racers 1 – $9.99
Includes Captain America and Red Skull

Racers 2 – $9.99
Includes Green Goblin and Spider-Man

Racers 3 – $9.99
Includes Hulk and Ultron

Iron Skull Submarine Attack – $34.99
Includes Captain America, Hydra Henchman, Iron Man Scuba Suit Variant, and Iron Skull

Avengers Space Mission – $69.99
Includes Captain America Spacesuit Variant, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Hyperion, Iron Man Spacesuit Variant, and Thanos Big-fig

In March, there will be 3 sets based on Captain America: Civil War but minifigures that will be included are, of course Captain America, Iron Man, Crossbones, Ant-Man/Giant Man, Agent 13 (Sharon Carter), and Scarlet Witch. Black Widow will be in one of the cheaper sets and Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier will be in two sets. J2G also hints that Black Panther and Falcon may make an appearance as well.

Captain America: Civil War 1 – $19.99

Captain America: Civil War 2 – $34.99

Captain America: Civil War 3 – $49.99

Over on the DC side, we already know about the Batman v Superman sets including the one with the Batmobile. There’s also that Classic TV Series Batcave (76052) but there’s no details about that yet. In March, DC will also have some Racers sets like with Marvel.

BvS 1 – $14.99

BvS 2 Batmobile – $29.99

BvS 3 – $69.99


Racers 1 – $9.99
Includes Bane and Robin

Racers 2 – $9.99
Includes Batman and Joker

Racers 3 – $9.99
Includes Captain Cold and Flash

Racers 4 – $9.99
Includes Catwoman and ?

Gotham City Cycle Chase – $24.99
Includes Batman, Firefly, and Harley Quinn

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