LEGO Minifigure Iconic Easter (5004468)

If you’re looking to purchase the LEGO Seasonal Iconic Easter Minifigure (5004468), aka the Chicken Suit Guy, you can now purchase it online at Toys R Us. As of this writing, it is available for Ship-To-Home for $5.99 each.

The Chicken Suit Guy is the same minifigure from the Series 9 Collectible Minifigures (71000) but it also comes with a cardboard box as well. The main reason why people are looking for him is because they’re going for a pretty steep amount on the secondary market and this is a cheaper way to get him. I’m not sure how many they have in stock online but hurry if you want to get one.

Update: It’s sold out online. Your best bet to get one is to sign up for their notifications for when they return to stock or keep checking in stores.

Update 2: It’s available again online and some stores have reported to have them in stock.

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