LEGO Mixels Sets Revealed

LEGO Mixels

Images of the new LEGO Mixels sets have emerged via Hoth Bricks. They state the images come from the back of a German catalog. There are three figures that are in three factions: Infernites, Cragsters, and Electroids. We first saw the Mixels at SDCC 2013 but now we get to see the rest of the sets.

The Infernites Clan include Flain (41500), Vulk (41501), and Zorch (41502). The Cragsters Clan consists of Krader (41503), Seismmo (41504), and Shuff (41505). Finally, the Electroids Clan has Teslo (41506), Zaptor (41507), and Volectro (41508). All the Mixels in the clan can also combine together to create a larger version or you can mix and match to create something original.

LEGO Mixels are set to be released in March 2014 along with the animated TV series on Cartoon Network and are tentatively priced at $3.99 each. You can read more of what the Mixels are about on the official press release.


LEGO Mixels Flain (41500) LEGO Mixels Vulk (41501) LEGO Mixels Zorch (41502)


LEGO Mixels Krader (41503) LEGO Mixels Seismo (41504) LEGO Mixels Shuff (41505)


LEGO Mixels Teslo (41506) LEGO Mixels Zaptor (41507) LEGO Mixels Volectro (41508)

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  • TheOrcKing

    I was literally just wondering when we would start seeing actual images for these things. Hmm, $4 is not that bad. It should be real easy to collect them all in one go.

    Of the individual characters, Zorch is my favorite and a real crackup! However, I like Cragster from the ‘combiners’ side. Course Infernit is cool too. All the others are so weird. Ha. Still they may be worth it just for the assortment of parts. I’m really digging those new ball & socket joints.