LEGO Nexo Knights

The LEGO Nexo Knights theme was launched in 2016 as a futuristic castle adventure theme with bright, sharp colors. For two years, it has given fans an interesting assortment of sets and it looks like it will be ending with the latest wave of sets. Zusammengebaut at the 2018 Nuremberg Toy Fair has confirmed that there will be no summer sets planned for LEGO Nexo Knights and this usually means that the theme will be coming to a sad end.

Everything comes to end in one way or another, especially with original LEGO IPs which have about a two year lifespan, LEGO Ninjago being the main exception. To see this theme ending the way it is now is a little disappointing because there was no promotion for it. The official images didn’t come out until long after the other themes were out and the sets basically just showed up in stores. It had lots of potential but apparently it didn’t meet LEGO’s expectations as far as sales goes. It seemed somewhat popular with the younger audience and even the panel at SDCC a few years ago was packed with kids who wanted more of the Nexo Knights story.

With LEGO Nexo Knights ending, it looks like there won’t be another castle type theme for a few years because LEGO likes to rotate themes so what do you want to see take its place? I, for one, am looking forward to another sci-fi space type theme. What about you?

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