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LEGO Ninjago 2014 Cyborg Ninja Minifigure


LEGO Ninjago 2014 Cryptor

Eurobricks user Mesonak has just posted a link to eBay of a picture of what appears to be a new cyborg ninja minifigure for the LEGO Ninjago 2014 sets. The minifigure is named General Cryptor and the listing has it coming from two sets from the 2014 line: 70721 – Kai fighter (Fighter Kai) and 70724 – NinjaCopter (NinjaCopter). Back in May, we posted a rumored list of the 2014 Ninjago sets and it looks like they are true.

General Cryptor is a mostly black minifigure with electronics in front and back of the torso. The armor piece also shows some more robotic features and holds a katana sword. The mask also has a cybernetic eye device over the left eye. The head piece itself also has a lot of cybernetic printing as well.

70720 – Air Breaks (Hover Hunter)
70721 – Kai fighter (Fighter Kai)
70722 – OverBorg attack (OverBorg Attack)
70723 – Thunder offensive (Thunder Raider)
70724 – NinjaCopter (NinjaCopter)
70725 – Nindroid mechanical dragon (Nindroid MechDragon)
70726 – Destroyers (Destructoid)

Update: The final price for the auction went for $53.50 with 19 bids on General Cryptor.

Update 2: We now have some images from a few of the sets. Check them out here.

LEGO Ninjago 2014 Cryptor

LEGO Ninjago 2014 Cryptor

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