LEGO Ninjago 2014 More Set Images

LEGO Ninjago Hover Hunter (70720)

A couple more LEGO Ninjago 2014 set images have come forward from Brixit.

For the Hover Hunter (70720), we get Cole and a Nindroid and a hovercraft-like vehicle that has some saw blades in the front.

On the NinjaCopter (70724), you get four minifigures, Zane, a new character called Pixal, General Cryptor, and a Nindroid. The NinjaCopter is driven by Pixal with Zane in the back. I’m guessing that Pixal is related to Zane and could be his mother.

LEGO Ninjago NinjaCopter (70724)

The Nindroid MechDragon (70725) contains five minifigures: Sensei Garmadon, Evil Wu, Lloyd, and two Nindroids. The MechDragon itself is pretty menacing looking. It’s mostly silver, black, and purple with blade wings and also includes some saws on each of the wings. There is also a small off-road type vehicle that Sensei Garmadon and Lloyd drives. It also includes a brick separator!

LEGO Ninjago Nindroid MechDragon (70725)

LEGO Ninjago Nindroid MechDragon (70725)

  • legozebra

    Why is Sensei evil?!?!?

    Cool looking sets- thanks for posting!

    • **Spoiler alert* In the last episode of the Spinjitzu series, when Garmadon turned back into a human and Misako went back to him and left Sensei Wu hanging. My guess is that he got mad and jealous and turned evil. Probably not true but it’s one explanation.

      • TheOrcKing

        Ha ha. Good spoiler.

        On a serious note, this almost feels cliched. I mean, Garmadon turns back to good only for Wu to go bad, and the futuristic setting adds to the possiblity of an alternate timeline still. In a way, it does help to explain the whole “ninja vs ninja” scenario but not the cybernetic army part unless Evil Wu had Zane’s father build all of them for him.

        I should have figured the MechDragon would be on the bad guys team with all the evil nindroids. At least this makes sense of the poster you posted before with it being attacked on both sides by the good ninja between the Kai Fighter and NinjaCopter.

        The Hover Hunter is probably the least impressing set of the lineup. I realize it is the smallest set in the bunch but it feels like the design was thrown together. It may look better on the front of the box whereas that pic shows the back.

        • Yea, I’m pretty excited to watch the new series and to see what happened to the characters.

          • Vaughn Baskin

            Iv’e Got A Bad Feeling That This Is What The NinjaGo Legacy Began Right?