Ninjago Rebooted Poster

There’s a discussion going on at Eurobricks of some details of a couple of the 2014 LEGO Ninjago sets. Corydoras on the forums has recounted what they saw on a retailer’s catalog for the NinjaCopter and the Nindroid MechDragon. There are already details of three of the sets that were released early. You can read more about them as well as preview the images here.

NinjaCopter (70724) – Designed somewhat like a set from the Galaxy Squad. It looks similar to the vehicle on the right side in the poster above. Minifigures included are Zane and another character with grey hair. It could be human Garmadon or Misako. – ~$49.99

The minifigure with grey hair is a new character called Pixal. She has robotic features which makes me think that she is Zane’s mother. There are two Nindroids also included.

Nindroid MechDragon (70725) – Mostly black and white with shades of purple. The MechDragon has a brick-built head like many have speculated. There are saw blades on the wings. Includes Lloyd, Sensei Wu in darker colors and his signature straw hat, and at least two Nindroids. – ~$79.99

Sensei Wu is now called Evil Wu which explains the darker colors. Also Sensei Garmadon is in the set.

Hover Hunter (70720)
Kai Fighter (70721) – $19.99
OverBorg Attack (70722) – $19.99
Thunder Raider (70723) – $29.99
Destructoid (70726)

Update: You can see images from a few more sets here. I’ve updated the post with details from the sets.