LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Fire Robot (70500)

Continuing with our review of the LEGO Ninjago theme, today we get Kai’s Fire Mech (70500). This is the smallest set in this wave coming in at 102 pieces. The set retails for $11.99 and has about $0.12/piece. There are two minifigures in the set: Kai in the kimono robes and a Stone Scout. The mech uses techniques similar to the Hero Factory line for poseability. In the TV show, the Fire Mech is able to transform into a suitcase and transported in Cole’s Power Drill but it does not do that in this set. Check out YourCreativeFriends’ video below for more details of Kai’s Fire Mech and make sure to subscribe to their channel as well as our email subscription on the right side to get the latest news on Ninjago and other LEGO themes.

Kai’s Fire Mech (70500)icon

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