LEGO Ninjago Will Return in 2014?

LEGO Ninjago 2014

According to the official LEGO forums, the Ninjago theme might be returning in 2014! Due to overwhelming popularity of Ninjago, LEGO may have decided to continue the line after all. Ninjago has been one of most successful themes from LEGO and we were confused on why it would be discontinued in 2013.

The Legends of Chima, which was thought to replace Ninjago, isn’t in stores yet but LEGO has decided to make this update public. LEGO has heard the voices of the many fans who were distraught to see that it was ending. It might be a strategic move to test the market to see whether Chima or Ninjago would be more beneficial to the company. There’s still no details of what the continuation of the theme will consist of but stay tuned for more information about this exciting announcement. Let the speculation begin! Below is the official announcement for LEGO Moderator, Keighlian:

Calling all Ninjago fans!

Gather round! Beckon all of your friends to gather round, too! We have important and exciting news! Not just any news. Not news about the weather or cats stuck up trees or the price of milk! No, this is news about Ninjago! :secret:

“But, what news? What news could be so important? Isn’t Ninjago being discontinued in 2013?!”, we hear you exclaim! Ah yes, young ninja, we sense you are eager to learn more and so shall the news be revealed.

Because our message boards fans are so awesome and because we know you love Ninjago more than anyone else in the entire world, nay universe, we are giving you guys this information first and exclusively! Check the internet; see if anyone else is mentioning this! They won’t be right now because you’re hearing this from us first and you’re the first to know!

Update: LEGO has posted some more details about Ninjago.

Is Ninjago really ending?

Actually, we have more Ninjago sets planned for next year and 2014! Stay tuned to our website, catalog, and club magazine for more information in the future!

I heard that the Ninjago cartoon is ending and there won’t be any more episodes. Is that true?

We have plans for Ninjago in 2013. We can’t tell you about them just yet.

Is Chima replacing Ninjago?

Even though we have new Chima sets coming next year, we also have new Ninjago sets too! Chima is a brand new theme, not a replacement for Ninjago. You’ll be able to get more information about Chima and Ninjago after the New Year!

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  • Ninjago master

    Ninjago is so awesome why can’t it be sooner like in October 2013 or something but I guess it is better than no ninjago

    • I agree that any Ninjago is better than no Ninjago. I wonder how LEGO will follow up after the initial run.

  • thisguy

    I know it is very unlikely but I want to see Dareith as a capable fighter (I do not mean a ninja), instead of comic relief.

  • Zombie Queen

    i am probibly the only girl who cares about ninjago or zombies ! (i also wear boys clothes)

    • Natalie

      not the only girl…I do all dat too ^_^

  • Vaughn Baskin

    Next Year The 4th Season Of NinjaGo Will Focus On Zane Tinkler The Ninja Of Ice!

  • Rocko23

    Who is the new great person

    • Vaughn Baskin

      Oh You Mean Pixal, She’s A New Member Of The NinjaGo Ninjas.

  • Emily

    Nope Zombie Queen u aren’t the only girl cause my friend is a real ninjago freak