LEGO November 2017 Store Calendar Promotions & Events

LEGO November 2017 Store Calendar

LEGO has released the new November 2017 LEGO Store Calendar and we can now see some of the promotions for the holidays.

November 1-15: FREE 24-in-1 Holiday Countdown Set (40253) with a purchase of $99 or more, while supplies last. This is a different one than last year’s 40222 set.

November 7-8: VIP Monthly Mini Model Build is a Puppy.

November 18-19: VIPs get Double Points and special Brick Friday offers.

November 24: The LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Manor (70922) available for purchase.

November 24: Brick Friday doorbuster sale items in store and online.

November 24-27: Exclusive Brick Friday 2017 offers include:

– FREE Nutcracker with a purchse of $99 or more, while supplies last.
– FREE Canvas Tote Bag with a purchase of $199 or more.
– FREE Shipping on all [email protected] orders.
– Sale on select items, while supplies last.

LEGO November 2017 Store Calendar

  • Joe Ryan

    not a whole lot happening :/, it’s a bummer that they don’t put more effort into everything, the fact that numbers are down and that they had to lay off so many people isn’t all that surprising.

    • David4

      Numbers were barely down after years of insane growth that was never going to continue for ever. So instead of the family running LEGO realizing their mistakes they just fire everyone they hired in the insane growth.

      • Joe Ryan

        makes sense, I still feel as if there could be much cooler things going on. Maybe I’m just spoiled but it really doesn’t feel like there is much effort

        • David4

          We haven’t become greedy, LEGO has become spoiled. Why would I buy things from LEGO when I can get the same set at Walmart, TRU, amazon, Target for 20%+ off? Because of the promos! And now this year’s promo is a neat little nutcracker that doesn’t have any special parts or anything.

          However the gingerbread house from 2015 has nothing special with it and two sold on eBay last week for $150. LEGO fanboys are just insane.

          • JOHNSB

            The gingerbread house had exclusive colored parts. Also, at the time the 1×4 masonry bricks in it were rare and new. Add that to double VIP points and it was not a bad deal. I got the Jokerland set and if you figure $20 for the gingerbread house, plus 12 in VIP points then that is a pretty respectable sale.

            Also: not everyone has access to the insane walmart clearance sales some areas have. Sometimes in some countries and regions lego and amazon are the only options.

          • David4

            What exclusive parts does the set have? They got for $150 on eBay and you can just Pick a Brick the thing.

            And you don’t need clearance. TRU, Amazon, Target, Walmart all have had sets 20-37% off the last few years. Some City great vehicle sets have been $11 instead of [email protected] $20.

    • firegoalie

      Not a lot happening? November is typically the best month of the year for promotional offers and this is up there for some of the most substantial items they’ve ever had.

      1 – The second in a series of 24-in-1 builds–last year’s contained more than 250 pieces.

      2 – VIP double rewards the weekend before Thanksgiving with early VIP access to a boxed big nutcracker gift with purchase.

      3 – Brick Friday discounts the weekend after Thanksgiving with the aforementioned nutcracker AND a tote bag with even higher-end purchases. The bag, previously available as a GWP in July, goes for $25+ on eBay. The D2C Joker Manor which comes out then will get you both of those items free.

      • Brad

        I got one of those bags, and the reason that it goes for that much is that’s what it would have rang up as if it wasn’t free, which I know because I saw when the cashier at my local store rang it up to include it.

    • myscrnnm

      Not sure what you mean. There are two giveaways, both of which are quite substantial, a double points on everything period, a new product coming out, and I’m sure there are going to be sales on Black Friday like in previous years. And this is all at a time when consumers will be desperate to get anything to put under the Christmas tree. Not sure what else they need to do for you to consider putting forth “effort.”

  • Arnold

    20% OFF 5 Pack Block Tape/LEGO Tape| Colours; White, Black, Red, Blue & Green, take advantage, use the link below;


    The discount code is ‘GBC3XWF3’, enjoy!

  • David4

    I’m a little shocked the nutcracker isn’t a Brick Head.

    • JOHNSB

      I dislike brickheadz, but I think that would give it more appeal too. If nothing else, to get the compulsive collectors buying.

  • Joe Ryan

    The promotions are lame, pretty simple, not to mention they are basically a repeat of last year but hey, to each his own

  • Jenny Goguen

    Love this deal- I wanted the tote earlier this year but I wasn’t thrilled with missing out on double VIP to get it. Best of both worlds next month!

    • legoaddict20

      Aren’t they separate promotions still? I didn’t think the nutcracker and tote bag promos are available during the double VIP days

      • Jenny Goguen

        I’m not sure- it does say “special Black Friday offers” for the VIP days and then the Nov. 24-27 event says “exclusive Black Friday offers”. Could be a significant one-word difference… 🙂

        • Just to clarify, the offers listed for Nov 24-27 will be available to VIPs on Nov 18-19 as well. LEGO has done the same thing in the past.

          • legoaddict20

            Thanks for clarifying! That makes it worthwhile to pick up a couple sets

          • Jenny Goguen

            That’s what I thought happened last year- thanks so much for clarifying!

  • Simon Timothy White

    Whats my surprise for voucher 11 from the calendar?

  • sandgreen41535

    It’s strange to me that LEGO didn’t advertise the current giveaway with $100 purchase, 40221 Fountain. It’s even stranger to me that they have a giveaway right before all of these other ones…