LEGO BrickHeadz Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite (41498) NYCC 2017 Exclusive Revealed

LEGO BrickHeadz NYCC 2017 Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite (41498)

LEGO has officially revealed the New York Comic Con 2017 LEGO BrickHeadz exclusive set with Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite (41498). The set has 329 pieces and will be sold for $40 to attendees who were able to get in on the pre-show lottery.

The set is based on Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back after Han was sealed in carbonite in Cloud City. What’s interesting about this NYCC 2017 set is that it is the first Star Wars set for LEGO BrickHeadz. Does this mean that we could see more Star Wars characters for LEGO BrickHeadz in 2018?

LEGO BrickHeadz NYCC 2017 Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite (41498)

LEGO BrickHeadz NYCC 2017 Boba Fett & Han Solo in Carbonite (41498)

  • Mark

    Great work lego – I have not been interested in Brickheadz up until now but would have bought this in a heartbeat. But not living in the US means I will get to save $40 at least

    • Gomek

      I work within walking distance of the convention center but it’s not meant for me either.

  • Charles Adams

    The interesting thing to me is these are numbered 27 and 28. Wu and Lloyd are 17 and 18. So there are 8 other Brickheadz between these not yet announced.

    • Next year’s wave(s).

    • Nathan Pinkman

      We know four of them are the Justice League (Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash). I assume the other four will be Marvel or Star Wars, or both.

  • colby ostrin

    ‘Wince’ I wish I could have this, it looks so great!!!

  • The Shabu King

    Hopefully they’re all common pieces and someone posts the instructions

    • Purple Dave

      I count three unique decorated elements on Boba Fett alone (belt, eyes, and forehead), plus Han’s eyes. There are also a bunch of decorated tiles down at least one side of the carbonite block, but I can’t make out enough detail to call them one way or the other.

      • The Shabu King

        Yeah I. Notice don’t that after I posted. Oh well. Wishful thinking.

  • Purple Dave

    C’mon, LEGO! Boba Fett and Han Solo are two of the most popular SW characters. Hold off on this, do an exclusive 2-pack of Jar-Jar and Senator Jar-Jar, and then release these as a regular retail pack. Watch your lagging profit margin skyrocket to new heights.

  • badbob001

    I think this is the best looking brickheadz yet. But this actually made me consider quitting brickheadz altogether because what is the point in getting the regular ones if the exclusives are so much better?

  • The Fett

    Why is LEGO making what would probably be their most popular one exclusive? I’m definitely biased though…but still. oh well, guess LEGO doesn’t care for my money on this one.

    • myscrnnm

      It’s always possible LEGO could release Boba Fett later as a regular BrickHead. Iron Man and Captain America were originally Con exclusives that were later released (albeit in cinematic form) for retail sale.