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LEGO Pick-A-Brick Wall Changes


New Pick-A-Brick

If you have been to a LEGO Brand Store recently, you might have seen some new changes to the Pick-A-Brick wall. For people who frequent the wall, you may have noticed that the price per cup has been raised $1.00 from its previous price. The smaller cups are now $8.99 each and the larger ones are $15.99. Another change is that the wall will have certain brick elements that are the same for every Brand Store and will be rotated simutaneously throughout the year. These elements will give kids some inspiration of what they can build and the labels suggest what they could go well with such as LEGO City or Star Wars.

For people who buy in bulk of the elements at the store, the prices for the cases has also gone up from the usual $75 to $100 price tag now. Even with the price increase, the cases are still a pretty good value if you need a lot of a certain element. How do you guys feel about these changes to the PAB Wall? Let us know in the comments below.

Shout out to Genevieve who does a great job in keeping our wall filled with cool and interesting pieces.

New Pick-A-Brick

New Pick-A-Brick