You may have seen this from your other RLUGs but if you haven’t yet, ReBrick has a has a really cool building contest to win some great LEGO prizes that may not see again for a very long time. Your job is to create an original mini modular building similar to the 10230 LEGO Mini Modulars. The grand prize winner will get the following:

10230 LEGO Mini Modulars
10182 LEGO Café Corner
10190 LEGO Market Street
10185 LEGO Green Grocer
101097 LEGO Fire Brigade
10211 LEGO Grand Emporium
10218 LEGO Pet Shop
10224 LEGO Town Hall
10232 Palace Cinema
10251 Brick Bank
10246 Detective’s Office
10243 Parisian Restaurant
10255 Assembly Square

There will also be two runner up winners which will get:

10255 Assembly Square

The deadline to submit yor entry is May 12th 2017 at 10:00AM EST. Check the link above for the full rules.

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