As a leader in the industry, LEGO is taking a stand to help the environment by releasing smaller boxes to cut back on their carbon footprint. These new boxes will have a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification “which lowers the CO2 impact of its packaging by about 10%.” You will be able to start seeing the smaller boxes this year and by 2015, all of the products will be in smaller boxes. With this change, LEGO will save about 4000 tons of cardboard which is about 18% of their current consumption. These new boxes will come from sustainable forest so less trees will have to be taken down.

How will this benefit consumers and The LEGO Group? For us consumers, we’ll have smaller boxes to carry around and stores will have more space to stock their shelves. For LEGO, the smaller boxes also affect logistics such as transportation from the factories to the stores. LEGO is also involved in other plans to lower their carbon footprint. About 25% of the emissions are from manufacturing of the bricks themselves so they’ve made plans to mold the bricks more efficiently. The company also has invested in wind energy to improve their energy consumption. By using wind, LEGO can use clean energy that is plentiful and produces no emissions.

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