Ghostbusters HQ

I don’t usually feature MOCs but if I do, Orion Pax’s name will probably show up more in the future. World-renowned LEGO genius, Orion Pax, has recreated the famous Hook & Ladder 8 fire station used in the Ghostbusters movies, and as usual, with a high degree of detail. The MOC shows many little details from the movies including the traps and the storage facility in the basement. Not to be overshadowed by the headquarters, Orion has also recreated the most realistic Ecto 1 vehicle I’ve ever seen. He states that the whole project took many, many hours of planning and about 2 months to build. Click on each photo to see a higher resolution. Also take a look at Orion’s page for more of his MOCs.

Ghostbusters HQ Ghostbusters HQ Ghostbusters HQ Ghostbusters HQ Janine Melnitz Basement Ecto 1 Ecto 1 Under Stairs Kitchen Billard Bedroom Bedroom Bathroom Ecto 2 Entrance Kitchen Venkman Office Venkman Office Garage Ecto 1 Ecto 1 Ecto 1 & Ecto 2 Ecto 1 & Ecto 2 Ecto 1 & Ecto 2

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