LEGO Seasonal 24-in-1 Holiday Countdown (40253) Gift with Purchase Set

LEGO Seasonal 24-in-1 Holiday Countdown Set (40253)

As you may or may not have seen yet on the November 2017 LEGO Store Calendar, we will be getting another 24-in-1 Holiday Countdown Set (40253) in November. From November 1-15, you can get it for free with purchases of $99 or more, while supplies last.

You may be wondering, didn’t we get one of these sets last year? Technically, yes but this year’s offering is slightly different from the one before. This new one has 254 pieces and has new mini builds.

  • Bob

    My kids hated that 24-in-1 set last year because they had to take things apart to build later day’s builds. Hopefully that is not the case this year. It isn’t a proper substitute for the advent calendars.

    • Reaven Veaceslav

      To be fair, it’s a free gift, not a thing you buy.

    • Jason Miller

      I agree that taking things apart was a deal-breaker for my 8-year-olds. I think we only made it about 2/3rds of the way through before they got so annoyed that they gave up. We tried to keep track of the extra parts that we would need to buy to be able to leave everything built but that also got tiresome. I wish they would just include that list in case you want to order the extra parts.

      • Tim Tosino

        It’s a free giveaway, what do you expect?

        • Jason Miller

          First of all, nothing in life is truly free. My decision to purchase the other items that got me this was partly based on the fact that this would be included and worth something. If I hadn’t wanted this set, I could have bought the other sets elsewhere at a lower price.

          Second, I knew going in that the sets would need to be disassembled but I hadn’t realized how strongly my kids would resist that. I posted as a warning to other parents that didn’t get the set last year that this might not work for them. What did I expect? I expected my kids to be OK with taking things apart but it turns out they weren’t.

          Finally, the actual advent calendars are lame because the builds are so tiny that they take the kids 2 minutes to build and, in the end, all they have are a bunch more 1×1 and 1×2 pieces that they don’t need. I (and probably some others out there) thought this might be a good alternative because it has bigger builds. I’m just letting people know what to expect from it before they spend extra money at the LEGO store to get this.

    • myscrnnm

      Stop whining; this is a free giveaway. If your kids are so spoiled and lazy they can’t take apart the builds with the included brick separator, get them the advent calendars. They exist for a reason.

      • JohnSB

        That is a pretty rude reply to a personal opinion about a toy. That was not necessary.

        • myscrnnm

          What’s rude is looking a gift horse in the mouth. Bob here decided that instead of using this as an opportunity to teach his children how LEGO pieces can be used to make different things, it was a wiser decision to go online and complain. I’m not going to stand idly by while people raise their children improperly; so it was actually completely necessary.

    • Tim Tosino

      Says right there “build and rebuild” so yes same as last year.

  • leggot

    some nice parts to add to a winter village MOC..

  • Purple Dave

    The actual advent calendars are a pretty poor substitute for a legit SWAC this year, so this isn’t that bad.

    • Cheryl

      There was a SWAC this year

      • Purple Dave

        That’s a cruel, cruel lie. I tried to tell myself that at least it had one real SW model, but even in such a tiny scale I can’t see anything but that stupid rectangular radar dish.

        Even the thought of smacking the beach ball with a hammer isn’t enough to get me to pony up for the DWAC.