LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornament (5004934) Available at Target

LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornament (5004934)

We’re in the start of the second week of the Target promotions and this week, they have the LEGO Seasonal Christmas Ornament (5004934) available. You can get for free with a LEGO purchase of $35 or you can buy it individually for $6.99 each.

What’s misleading about this set is that the tree itself is just the cardboard cutout while you get pieces for the star on the top and the present builds along with the two minifigures. There is no tree that is shown on the box which is a major bummer as it would’ve been very nice to get it. Even so, the set does make a somewhat decent stocking stuffer.

Stock at your nearest location may vary as some stores have already started selling them last week. If that’s the case, online is your best chance to get it.

  • Le Goat

    FYI, the Target DPCI is 204-00-0264

  • jmcfarlane19

    It was weird at my Target, they were laying out on the top shelf of an end cap near the Lego aisle. They were priced at 6.99. so I grabbed two thinking It would make a nice stocking stuffer. However, when I rang them up at the self-check out, they ran up at a discount. I bought two for 7.48. It listed them as a special promotion and gave a rebate price of 3.50 per kit. I went back and grabbed a couple more for some additional stockings. nice surprise!

    • Jared

      lucy u

    • Ichabod McCallister

      I did something similar, only I grabbed this item and a Santa polybag for $3.50. Ended up FREE… I wonder if any LEGO purchase qualifies instead of just a $35 purchase. Honestly, this kit sucks if you bought it (there’s not even a real LEGO tree, just a stupid box), but for free I’ll take it.

  • Ichabod McCallister

    These are pretty stupid. Next year LEGO is just going to sell yellow boxes with a 1×2 brick inside and create a whole backstory for the brick. It can travel with you to Paris! Eat breakfast with you!