LEGO Seasonal Dragon Boat Race (80103)

It’s been a couple of days since the launch of the LEGO Seasonal Dragon Boat Race (80103) at other parts of world however North America got the short end of the stick on the release. Everyday since the beginning of June, I’ve gotten emails and messages of when it will show up here, 43 total to be exact. We’ve finally gotten some information from the LEGO Ambassador Network on the North America release.

According to Sara, it will launch here after July 1. The phrase is somewhat vague as it doesn’t say it will launch on July 1 but after July 1. As of this time, it’s not listed on Shop@Home but if it does around the end of June, it may suggest that it’ll be available on July 1.

I don’t a specific list of countries as to where it’s available, but I’ve just been informed that 80103 Dragon Boat Race is available in Europe and APAC June 1st, and will launch in North America after July 1st.

If it’s showing as “retired” on your country’s LEGO Shop (and you’re outside of North America) I recommend you contact consumer service.

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