LEGO Seasonal Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear (40085) Found

LEGO Seasonal Valentine's Day Teddy Bear (40085)

Valentine’s Day is still months away but there is a new LEGO Seasonal set showing up at LEGO brand stores as well as on eBay. There’s no official name for the set yet as it isn’t in LEGO’s database at this time but it looks to be a Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear with set number 40085. It contains 127 pieces and builds a tan bear with a red heart that connects to the chest. I was at the local LEGO store today and did not notice this set on the shelves but I’ll be checking for it next time.

LEGO Seasonal Valentine's Day Teddy Bear (40085)

**Via neoape & Eurobricks**

  • TheOrcKing

    I love how Lego goes ‘whole hog’ with new parts. Those Mixel eyes will be appearing everywhere it seems. I’m more looking forward to the tiny ball socket joints but the eyes are nice too. They remind me of the old brick buckets when I was a kid where you had those parts with eyes printed on the sides. 🙂