To celebrate the official release of the LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander (75253), LEGO has released a video showing the droids playing the classic Star Wars theme song. The orchestra uses a whopping 95 of the droids and 42 instruments to create along with countless hours to put everything together. Check out the breakdown of the details below.

To celebrate the official launch of LEGO Star Wars BOOST, we are sharing a video 95 droids playing a very familiar song.

Fun facts:

95 LEGO® Star Wars™ Droids (see details below)
3,148 Hours of Creation
42 Real Instruments
One Crazed Inventor

46 LEGO® Star Wars™ BOOST R2-D2 Droids
26 LEGO® Star Wars™ BOOST Mouse Droids
23 LEGO® Star Wars™ BOOST Gonk Droids
10 Xylophones
10 Violins
4 Chellos
8 Keyboards
6 Electric Drums
2 Gongs
2 Chimes
2 Floor Toms (Drums)
2 Cymbals

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