As we mentioned yesterday, the LEGO Star Wars sets were displayed at the 2015 Nuremberg Toy Fair but photography was prohibited but that won’t stop reports from coming out describing them. Michael over at Promo Bricks mentions there will be a new line of construction figures that will look similar to General Grievous (10186) from 2008. However, these sets won’t have any TECHNIC pieces and will be like the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Ultrabuild sets from 2012. Michael also mentioned that they will be available in October but from the report we got a few weeks ago, they will be available in September. There’s no word on who the characters will be but Boba Fett will definitely be one of them. More details as they come.

Star Wars (75107) – £14.99
Star Wars (75108) – £14.99
Star Wars (75109) – £19.99
Star Wars (75110) – £19.99
Star Wars (75111) – £24.99
Star Wars (75112) – £29.99

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