LEGO Star Wars DJ (40298) Toys R Us Promotion

LEGO Star Wars DJ (40298) Toys R Us

As expected, the LEGO Star Wars DJ (40298) minifigure polybag is now available at Toys R Us as a promotional item. You can get it, in store only, with a purchase of $30 or more and the promo runs until Sunday. If you’re lucky, you can buy it outright for $5.99 each. It all depends on if the manager on duty allows it through. If you can’t find it, the item number is 379276.

  • Thanks! I wondered what the policy was on buying it separate. Guess I’ll find out when I go there tonight.

  • ghost man

    with the state TRU is in….shouldnt refuse any money for a single purchase. regardless though…monday morning youll be able to get him. my store will probably have about 46 left.

  • CadeSky

    My plan is to go after work today, get them to price match those sets that are 20% off on Amazon, and get DJ too!!

    And yeah, any of these promos wind up being VERY readily available later on for individual purchase. I was afraid you’d have to spend $50 to get the promo, so this is a really good deal from my perspective.

  • T M

    Just came from my local TRU, and just like when the droid came out, they said that they wouldn’t be carrying any DJ, even though they had signs posted all along the Lego Star Wars isle, free with purchase. The clerk, telling me others had asked about the DJ promo earlier that day, pulled up the item #379276, said it’s not in the system and the manager didn’t even know what Star Wars was, let alone the polybag promo. I used to enjoy strolling through TRU years ago, but now I’ve come to hate going to that store here because they never have anything, especially when it comes to promos, and no one seems to care. So I guess I’m out on this promo too. Thanks again TRU, for nothing. Is there any other way besides ebay or bricklink to get this?

    • Sorry to hear that. Someone wasn’t doing their job correctly. I looked it up in the system this morning at 6am PST and it came up. I’m not sure of your location but I saw that most stores on the west coast had at least a box available. Hopefully a reader will be able to help you out here.

  • Pao_Lives

    My store had plenty of DJ (probably 30+ bags) today when I went. The shelves, however, were very bare. Only one 2018 set, 2 copies of the cantina. They had several of the 2018 sets last time I went right before the new year. Picked up a cantina and DJ for free and a 2nd DJ. It let me buy the second DJ without issue.

  • Toa_of_Pi

    I went to two Toys R Us’s tonight, and both had already run out, but someone at the first one offered to put one aside for me if another box came in. Do you think there’s any chance of additional shipments being sent out, or am I out of luck?

    • I’m not sure about that. If you’re in California or in nearby states, I can probably see if more are coming in when I go back to work on Friday.

      • Toa_of_Pi

        Nope, opposite coast.

        • Sorry, I can’t see the inventory on the other coast. I would suggest going back this weekend and check. If they’re the same as us, the truck comes on Friday.