LEGO Star Wars Rogue One

Our friends over at Promo Bricks has compiled a list of the LEGO catalogs for the second half of 2016. The catalogs doesn’t have much that we haven’t already seen before but the main thing is in the LEGO Star Wars section.

There, we see a little teaser for the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One sets which will be coming this September. The image shows one of the new Death Troopers along with five system sets. As I mentioned before in a previous post, there will also be three Buildable Figures in the wave as which are not shown in the US catalog but is seen in others.

The packaging is still blanked out but it has already been revealed that it will mainly feature the Death Trooper on the top-right corner. The only thing left to see are the sets themselves which I hope some of them will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con next month.

75152 – 385 pcs, $29.99/€39.99
75153 – 449 pcs, $39.99/€49.99
75154 – 543 pcs, $69.99/€69.99
75155 – 659 pcs, $79.99/€79.99
75156 – 863 pcs, $89.99/€99.99

75119 – 104 pcs. $24.99/€24.99
75120 – 169 pcs, $24.99/€24.99
75121 – 106 pcs, $24.99/€24.99

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