A few readers have noticed that the LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest (75292) has been removed from Shop@Home. This probably means that there might a set name change coming soon for it like with the European versions of the set which is now called The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport. In Europe, the term “Razor Crest” isn’t trademarked by Lucasfilms but by Michael Gaßmann who owns a site called Modbrix which is using the term to sell a MOC of the Razor Crest.

There could be a lengthy legal battle going on in Europe between Lucasfilms and Modbrix for the use of the term and LEGO may simply not deal with it and just change the name to something more generic. This name change may have a ripple effect on the North American version of the set as well and hence the product page takedown. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the page comes back up in a day or two with the new set name. Note that Amazon still has their product listing up with the Razor Crest name.

Update: It looks like North America will indeed have the name change. Below is an image of the US pre-order on Shop@Home which has the new set name. Thanks to Mike for the image.

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