LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) Availability Update

If you are a LEGO VIP member, you may have received an email from LEGO regarding the availability for the new LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192). They have extended the VIP only access period through November which means that you must be a VIP member to be able to purchase the set. This also means that the general public won’t be able to purchase it on October 1 since they announced earlier that it will still be temporarily out of stock then. If you’re not a LEGO VIP member, I’m not sure why not, you can easily sign up online.

LEGO has also suggested that you call or visit your nearest LEGO Brand Store starting tomorrow to get put on the wait list for when shipment arrives at the store. Of course, there’s no way of knowing how many sets they will get per shipment so try to get on that list early for a higher chance to secure one.

As you may know, the new LEGO® Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon (75192), our largest LEGO set ever, went on sale exclusively to VIP Members on September 14. We are very excited that we received such a positive response from fans like yourself, it exceeded all of our expectations! Unfortunately, that also means the first batch has already sold out.

The good news is we are making more as quickly as possible and expect to have very limited quantities available for the remainder of 2017. We have extended the VIP-only access period, which means the new inventory will remain exclusive to VIPs at least through November.

To make your wait a little easier, you can now sign up to receive back-in-stock notifications. Simply confirm your interest below and we’ll email you when a new batch of the Millennium Falcon (75192) is available on shop.LEGO.com

If you’d rather make your purchase at your favorite LEGO Brand Retail store, please call or visit your local store starting Friday 9/29 and ask a Brick Specialist to add you to the wait list.

*Please note, stock will be in very limited supply and each batch will likely sell out quickly. Signing up for notifications does not guarantee availability of the product.

  • Tracy Myers

    Will this still be eligible for the Double Points period if it becomes available to VIPs?

    • Wayne


  • Dan

    I just confirmation that mine shipped today! I ordered the day it went on sale online and it went to immediate backorder. They said it wouldn’t be shipped till Oct. 19th so it’s ahead of schedule.

    I also asked Lego support how many they will produce as I was hoping that it would be limited number but they said that it will be around for at least 2 years before they stop to make sure everyone can get access to it that wants it.

    • OttoAuto

      Wait, why are you hoping production is a limited number?

      • NorCal Disneylander

        Right, I hope it stays in production long enough so that everyone that wants one can get one from lego and not the scalpers. Also so all those scalpers end up with product they don’t want.

    • myscrnnm

      Why would you want it to be a limited number? UCS sets have always been around for at least two years, which I think is a reasonable length of time.

    • Nic

      Having it around for two years for purchase, even if it’s from Lego online is a good thing, the set is Australia is $1300, I want the set (along with a lot of others) but can’t afford it till next Feb at the earliest, I don’t want to miss out and if I can’t afford it now, I certainly can’t afford it in a years time when it’s three times the price on eBay!

  • TypoCorrecto

    So, how do I get in-stock email notifications?

  • Gabriel Tello Reimers

    I called Lego.com at 3:08pm Eastern Time on the 28th and they said they started taking names at 12pm Eastern Time on the 28th, so I’m not too bad on the list

  • TheGlynreaper

    maybe because of this that’s why the joker manor is going to be available for everyone at the same time no first dips for VIPs which im on board with

  • leggot

    Nice to see the value of the 1st gen UCS MF dropping quickly, while the 2nd gen is selling for 150% of retail, and likely to peak close to Christmas as TLJ opens, and more new fans are looking for the new UCS set.

    • DK

      Wrong. It’s never ‘nice to see’ price gouging completely out of control.

      • leggot

        That’s capitalism, you pay 400% over cost for many items when you shop Walmart, is that gouging? Resources that are scarce demand a price relative to demand, Walmart has a near monopoly on retail space, therefore they can set prices at whatever price they feel the market can yield. There is a store on thousands of street corners in the US that sells Lego, but a Walgreens will never stock anything as exotic as a UCS set. I predicted there would be a shortage of the new UCS Falcon, and got one on the day they were released, at a discount relative to where I was certain the demand would push the market to for these.

  • TheGlynreaper

    that must be one heavy box

  • Jeff

    Mine comes tomorrow. 28.4 lbs

    • ModifiedJason

      Wow… My UPS guy is going to be really confused.

  • ModifiedJason

    Checked mine that I ordered on the 14th while orders were still being accepted. Shows “Waiting for new stock” still. I’m curious how many orders they got so far?

  • Billy Bob

    I think this is a bad and good move by LEGO to have the waitlist. The good thing is that LEGO will now know how much they will need to produce to satisfy everyone, however, I think the waitlist should only be online through an email with an special link for each person, rather than having the email link be an option and allowing them to sign up at a store. This could all be achieved through the link by just adding an option for them to pick a store they might want to buy it at. But this is just my opinion. At the least I hope LEGO keeps the quantity a person can buy to 1 to prevent scumbag resellers from buying many and preventing real fans from buying.

    • leggot

      Found out what they are using for the back-end for the waitlist, its limited to 5000… but they have caught people trying to reserve in many stores (as in, you would need to drive for more than a day to traverse all the stores they waitlisted on 😛

  • DK

    LEGO would make far more profit by mass producing the 75192 set. Not sure why they strive to not make a profit in favor of pissing off the vast majority of LEGO consumers.

    • leggot

      Lego hired a boatload of marketing people world wide in the past few years, and they still have no idea what their market is. They were overly conservative in their first production run of 75192, they did not want another Temple of Airjitzu, which stores are still siting on the first shipment of these they received in 2015. If Lego knew their market, they would be selling allot more bricks through the PAB wall, with a better selection, and more frequent changes to the selection, as another example of where TLG is loosing money. Imagine a PAB wall with 400 drawers in the same space!

  • acillatem

    Has anyone who got on the [email protected] waiting list heard any updates?

    I just received the following email:

    “Dear LEGO® Star Wars™ fan,
    you for confirming your interest to receive email notifications when
    new batches of the Millennium Falcon (75192) are available on
    shop.LEGO.com – we can confirm that you have been added to the
    notification list.
    note, whilst we are making more as quickly as possible, we expect to
    have very limited quantities available for the remainder of 2017. The
    stock will likely sell out quickly – signing up for notifications does
    not guarantee availability of the product.
    you for your patience and understanding, we are doing everything we can
    to keep up with the demand from our loyal LEGO fans like yourself!
    Kind regards,
    LEGO Consumer Services”

    This makes me afraid it will be the first day of the VIP sale all over again.
    “we have 300 sets so hurry and crash the servers!” I would really like the black vip card before they end the offer.

    • Holdfast_II

      I put my name on the list at the local store 2 days after the wait lists were announced.

      I got an email today saying that sets were starting to ship, that I would be contacted by my store when one arrives for me, that it could still be a while depending where I sat on the list, but that it should be before the end of the year.

      • acillatem

        Thanks for the info Holdfast_II
        I am beginning to wish I had done the store wait list instead of [email protected] I can wait for the set just really want the VIP black card before the offer expires.