If you collect LEGO Star Wars sets here in the US, you probably have noticed that we never got the winter 2016 wave of sets while other parts of the world have already gotten them. According to the AZ Central, LEGO has confirmed today that they will be released in March. There’s no mentioning on what date they’ll be released but it’s usually at the beginning of the month. Keep in mind that we’ll also be getting Double VIP points a week in so if you can hold off a little longer, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Resistance X-Wing Fighter (75125)

LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter (75125)

First Order Snowspeeder (75126)

LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder (75126)

The Ghost (75127)

LEGO Star Wars The Ghost (75127)

TIE Advanced Prototype (75128)

LEGO Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype (75128)

AT-DP (75130)

LEGO Star Wars AT-DP (75130)

Rebels Battle Pack (75133)

LEGO Star Wars Rebels Battle Pack (75133)

Galactic Empire Battle Pack (75134)

LEGO Star Wars Galactic Empire Battle Pack (75134)

Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor (75135)

LEGO Star Wars Obi-Wan's Jedi Interceptor (75135)

Droid Escape Pod (75136)

LEGO Star Wars Droid Escape Pod (75136)

Carbon-Freezing Chamber (75137)

LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber (75137)

Hoth Attack (75138)

LEGO Star Wars Hoth Attack (75138)

Kanan’s Speeder Bike (75141)

LEGO Star Wars Kanan's Speeder Bike (75141)

**Via Reddit**

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