If you’ve been a somewhat longtime collector of LEGO, you’ve probably accumulated a number of sets. Displaying them in their entirety might be out of the question due to limited space so you may decide to separate the bricks and storing them somewhere.

Tom Alphin of The LEGO Architect (review) has released the LEGO Storage Guide which is a free online book giving you tips and recommendations on how to store your bricks. The guide is separated into two sections, organizing your bricks and displaying and displaying minifigures and each section has chapters which are structured into easy to follow topics.

I’m sure many fans, especially newer ones, have been wondering what is the most efficient way of storing their LEGO collection and it looks like The LEGO Storage Guide could be a valuable resource to use. Tom will be updating the guide in the future and is gladly taking feedback and suggestions so you can leave it over on his site or email him at [email protected].

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