Just2Good is back with another video with information about the Summer 2015 wave of the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes sets as well as the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets.

For DC there will be a “Jokerland” set. This kind of sounds similar to The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape (6857) from 2011/2012. The other DC set is a Batman Water Chase. From the sound of it, my guess is the set is probably a small $20 one which may include Killer Croc as J2G speculates.

For the Marvel Super Heroes side, there is again mention of an Ant-Man set. This also confirms the rumors from a few months ago from Hulk_Smash that there will be a set that includes Ant-Man. The other Marvel set mentioned is rumored to include Sandman which probably means that a Spider-Man set(s) is coming next year.

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