Little bits of information for the 2015 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets have been recently revealed by members of the Eurobricks community. First, LegoBatman55 has reported that he has seen the 2015 Marvel sets but a few members are somewhat skeptical of that information and called shenanigans. First, they mention that there are five Avengers sets, two Ultimate Spider-man sets, and three Ant-Man sets. They also claim that they have seen the minifigures.

I saw Five avengers sets, Two Ultimate spider-man sets and Three ant-man sets. well i can’t make out much but i saw Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, a new Spider-man and one of the minifigures had a yellow cape so i assume its Vision. some new villains Ultron, Baron Von Strucker and some new spider-man villains that i could not make out. i did not see the ant-man ones, but they said there is three ant-man sets. there mite be more spider-man sets because i only saw two and another thing i did not see the DC sets only Marvel

The figures for the Avengers 2015 sets looks like Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Ultron, Baron Von Strucker, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, i could not tell what the spider-man figures were but there is a new Spider-Man figure Design. The Spider-man sets will most likely come out in the summer

A little later, they came out and said that they lied about the whole thing so it’s hard to give credit to them being a reliable source of information about sets coming out in the future. Fans in the forums were disappointed and so was I.

But fear not! We do have information from CM4Sci who has reported the list of sets for the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in 2015. Below we have some details of the pricing in New Zealand Dollars for the sets, again from “David Thomsen” with another member adjusting the prices for US Dollars.

This information also coincides with the details that Hulk_Smash gave a few weeks ago which most of the sets could be for the Avengers movie and the lone set at the bottom could be the Ant-Man set. We already know that a Hulkbuster type of set will probably be coming out but check out a guest post by Joe to see his thoughts on what could be coming out.

Again, take this information as it is until some sort of confirmation by LEGO surfaces.

Marvel SH 1-9 1 – 24.99 NZD/$12.99
Marvel SH 1-9 2 – 49.99 NZD/$19.99
Marvel SH 1-9 3 – 69.99 NZD/$34.99
Marvel SH 1-9 4 – 119.99 NZD/$59.99
Marvel SH 1-9 5 – 149.99 NZD/$69.99
Super Heroes 18 – 109.99 NZD/$49.99

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