There are new reports that the LEGO Super Mario theme could be retiring by summer 2024. The Adventures with Mario (71360), Adventures with Luigi (71387), and Adventures with Peach (71403) Starter Courses were supposed to be produced until July 2026 but it looks like that date has been pushed up to July 2024. This piece of news is interesting as the new LEGO Donkey Kong were just announced and won’t be available until August. This means the sets will only be available for about a year or so while the existing sets will be done by July 2024.

There’s no reasoning on why the End-of-Life date was pushed up but it’s easy to assume that the LEGO Super Mario sets don’t do as as LEGO had expected them to do. It seems the sets are always on constant sales on Amazon to get rid of inventory.

Fans of Super Mario were hoping to have minifigure scale sets but that didn’t happen, most likely because Nintendo makes the call on what they want produced. In addition, LEGO really dropped the ball on any sets based on The Super Mario Bros. Movie which became the highest grossing film based on a video game.

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