LEGO has released a survey that they want you to participate in to see what you do with your LEGO sets. More particularly, LEGO is interested in what you have done with the oldest set in your collection. Obviously if you’ve been collecting for decades, it might be somewhat hard to remember what your oldest set is and what you’ve done with it since you first got it. It’s one of the more interesting surveys that LEGO has put out and it may bring you some joy by remembering your first set.

The Journey of your LEGO® Set

Here at the LEGO Group we are interested in learning about the different environments that a LEGO set will experience in its lifetime. Will it be displayed, rebuilt multiple times, kept in a box, or something completely different. Please take this survey to help us understand the journey that the oldest LEGO set currently in your home has gone through. The results of this survey will help different internal teams with understanding environmental factors that will impact a product during its lifetime.

We in the LEGO Group, are constantly fascinated by and grateful to our consumers for their support and growing relationships. As children are our role models, so is every single LEGO user – a shining star that is iconic and should not be overlooked. Therefore, we are reaching out to you, hoping to learn more about the past, present, and future of the oldest LEGO set you have currently at home.

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