LEGO The Hobbit Video Game Side Quest Character Pack DLC

Automation Creations on Eurobricks has found an image of a DLC pack for the LEGO The Hobbit Video Game called the “Side Quest Character Pack.” This DLC has four characters including a Dwarf Merchant Lady, Vacation Saruman, Thranduil’s Elk, Girion, a Dwarf Soldier, and a River Troll. After doing some research on this Character Pack, it looks like it’s being offered online at some European online retailers when you pre-order the game. Over here, we have the Good Morning Bilbo Baggins minifigure as the Gamestop pre-order bonus. So far no other retailers have any other bonuses for the game. Thanks to Kevin for the heads up.

Update: There are a couple more DLC packs that were found on the Eurobricks forum. Thanks to Nickk in the comments for the heads up.

First there is one called “The Big Little Character Pack” which has some characters as babies or little people such as Baby Smaug, Baby Gimli, Snow Troll, Spider, Stone Dwarf, and Bandobras “Bullroarer” Took.

LEGO The Hobbit Video Game The Big Little Character Pack DLC

The other DLC is call “The Battle Pack” in which you have some weapons and armor to start off with. These include Jewelled Mithril Armour, Smaug’s Headdress, Dwarf King’s Wig, Buddy-up Gloves, Shadow Sword, Orc Cleaver, Orc Bow, The “Axe”, Smaug’s Feet, Lake-town Boots, and Light Orb Shield.

LEGO The Hobbit The Battle Pack DLC

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